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Today’s Reading:

Ecclesiastes 5:1-7

“Do not be hasty with your mouth [speaking careless words or vows] or impulsive in thought to bring up a matter before God “ (v. 2 AMPV)


It is the Holy Spirit of God that can daily lead us through internal peace. Therefore, we should be weary of false peace. It is in an unstable mind that a strong desire to do something will lead us to false peace which comes from excitement. When false peace fades away with time, God’s true will for our lives will emerge. This is why we should pray and think well on very crucial decisions. Waiting before we make such decision is wise and prudent (v. 2). Many a times we mistake our excited emotions for the will of God. Because, when our emotions rise and fall with our desire and determination, it is real big problem. We should always let our emotions phase out before we make decisions.

For example, someone has just done something or promised something to us that excite us. We would promise heaven on earth without thinking about what we are promising. We later find out that we cannot fulfil what we have promised. Another example is in the government circle. Something bad has just happened and the head of that unit will promise to dig into the matter and punished the culprit. At the end of it all nothing is done because of the people involved, who cannot be touched. We may do this here on earth and get away with it; but with God, God takes count of every detail of our voice. And when we fail to do what we promised; it is not pleasing to God. It is said that fools are quick to speak and have a lot to say whereas the wise think and weighs every word he or she alters, when and how to talk to people, not to talk of God, the creator of all things, and the ruler of all. Hence, God is in heaven and we are here on earth, therefore our words should be few (v. 2).

Instead, we should make sure our dreams and visions are channelled to fruition. Our dreams and vision should be greater than whatever we are currently experiencing. (v. 3) With confidence and trust in God, He will help us to put efforts to making our good dreams and visions come true. We all need to have big and good dreams and vision to hand over to God to see it through. If you are reading this and you do not think big thoughts, have big hopes and big dream which you allow God to handle, you are short charging yourself as a child of God. Jesus ask Peter to launch deep into the sea. He was complaining that they have been toiling over the night and catching nothing. When he launched deep into the see, the rest of the story you can read in Luke 5. Our walk with God involves risk taking but if we leave all to him, He will see us through unscratched.




  1. Merciful, Compassionate God, many a times out of excitement I have made promises and vows to which I have failed to fulfil. In Your mercy forgive me, in Jesus name.

  2. Whatever doors of affliction this has opened into my life, close it Lord, and seal it with the blood of Jesus.

  3. Make me a person of few words and a good listener, in Jesus name.

  4. Father, increase my faith, my confidence in my walk with you in Jesus name.

  5. Father open my eyes and my ears to see and hear wondrous thing out of Your law in Jesus name.

  6. Lord fill Your Church with the love of Christ to overflow, in Jesus name.

  7. Lord fill the hearts of our leaders with Your wisdom, love, knowledge and fear of You, in Jesus name.

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