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Today’s Reading:

Matthew 10:32-34

“But if you reject me, I will tell my Father in heaven you don’t belong to me.” (v. 33, CEV)


Jesus spoke to His disciples on the responsibility that comes with being a disciple. Our primary goal as disciples is to be with the master, learn from Him and become like Him. However, beyond this, Jesus made them realise the other side to this commission that, it is not enough to be known with Jesus, you must also make Him known. We are living at a time when being a believer is not popular. A time when everybody wants to be conservative with their faith with the intention of not offending anyone. It is at such a time we are encouraged to make Him known. You can be following after Christ and be ashamed to identify yourself with Him. Some people do not even want anybody to associate them with anything Christian.

Jesus said, “If you tell others you belong to me, I will tell my Father you are also my followers.” Invariably, anytime you tell others you belong to Him, you make Him proud, exalt and glorify Him. It also means you take instructions from Him. You are yoked with Him. You do not have a life of yours but His. You cannot do anything except at His command. You cannot do what others are doing because it is popular. Rather you do things because you belong to Him. Thus, if you belong to Him, he must be able to influence your actions and inaction. This confidence in declaring Him among men will eventually bring others to His knowledge.

This comes with a reward! For as many that showcase their God, Jesus will be proud to also present them to the Father as his followers. What a privilege having your name mentioned in the court of heaven as one who belongs to the Most High. For those who chose not to declare their identity with Christ, it is certain that Christ will not be pleased to tell the Father about them. Your assignment is to have Jesus in your heart and carry Him on your head.




  1. My Father, I receive grace to be identified with you whether it is easy or not

  2. Grant your church the enablement to project you always

  3. Let there be a burning desire in the heart of your church to burn for you until the world is saved

  4. The nations of the world will come to the knowledge of Christ

  5. Let your church always see every opportunity as an avenue to make you known.

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