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Today’s Reading:

Romans 8:28


Dearly Beloved, I want you to believe that as far as you are existing, God is in control of your life. No matter what the present predicament in our land has brought upon your business or your household, know this, that God is able to make all of those things to work together for your good. Do not give up on God. In our text Apostle Paul was encouraging believers in Christ who are going through difficult times that God, who is a miracle worker, is able to turn their hard times around for their good.

Apostle Paul’s Experience in (Act 16) During his arrest alongside with Silas, How God turn the situation around for their good, gave him confidence to encourage all believers in Christ that God is always at work to do us good. God use the imprisonment of Paul and Silas to demonstrate his miraculous power over their chains, He also works out the salvation of the Philippians jailer and that of his household.

Beloved, whichever of hunger, sickness indebtedness, persecution, inability to meet the needs of your family, etc. is your challenge, I want you to be confident in the Lord God that He will make all these things to work together for your good. The only two condition require to turn you situation around for God. (1) You must love the Lord (2) You must have been called according to his purpose (Born Again)




  1. Dear Lord, I worship you because you always care for me, in Jesus name.

  2. O Lord give me the grace to love you more than ever before, in Jesus name.

  3. O Lord arise and change my situation for good, in Jesus name.

  4. Almighty God change the situation of our country, Nigeria to good, in Jesus name.

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