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Today’s Reading:

Genesis 46: 28-30

“And he sent Judah before him unto Joseph, to direct his face unto Goshen; and they came into the land of Goshen” (v. 28)


Sometimes we get our individual periods of personal tribulation, and we might feel like the world is falling apart around us. As believers and followers of Christ, we need to constantly remind ourselves during times of trouble that HE is there, and HE will always carry us through troubled times. It might not always be the way we expect, but it is always absolutely the best way. There was a famine in the world during Jacob’s time which lasted for about 5 years. The famine was immense, but God had in advance positioned Joseph and gave him the wisdom to prepare and deal with the famine.

In order to protect and feed Israel, Joseph called them down to Egypt. In response to Joseph’s invitation, Jacob decided to relocate to Goshen in Egypt along with his entire family in order to avoid the catastrophic effect of the famine. Of Jacob’s children, Judah was considered most honourable and held in greater esteem by his father than his elder brothers- Reuben, Simeon, and Levi- who by their conduct had greatly displeased Jacob. Judah had also endeared himself to Joseph by his speech to him in which Joseph discovered Judah’s deep affection both to Jacob and Benjamin- Joseph’s kid brother (see Gen. 44:18-34). Consequently, Jacob considered Judah the best person to be sent to inform Joseph of his coming or relocation to Goshen, so that a place might be prepared for him to settle. What is a bit more ironic is that it was Judah who suggested selling Joseph off as a slave many years earlier. Now Joseph is the one who is dealing with him to find them a home to settle in time of trouble-(famine). This is rendering good for evil.

Joseph took steps to ensure his family is cared for during the famine period. God gave Israel a saviour from within in the person of Joseph who prepared a safe haven for Israel. God had placed Joseph in Egypt for a time like this. Joseph said:” God sent me here ahead of you”. That was God’s plan. And as believers, we are always in God’s plan.




  1. O Lord, whatever will take me out of your plan, take it out of my life in Jesus name.

  2. The Lord will neither leave me nor forsake me in time of trouble in Jesus mighty name.

  3. The Lord will answer me whenever I call upon him in Jesus name.

  4. Father Lord, save our land from the current travails of insecurity in Jesus name.

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