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Today’s Reading:

ACTS 27:13-38

“And now I urge you to take heart, for there will be no loss of life among you.” (v. 22)


The rejection of Paul’s godly advice (Acts 27:10) by the captain of the ship and his decision to continue the journey led to immense loss by the ship owner and all those on board. All on board lost hope of reaching their destination safely. Paul was at peace in the midst of the turmoil and he spoke with confidence. He did not just encourage the people but also turn their eyes to God.

Nothing can stop God from achieving his purpose in the lives of his children. God spared the lives of the passengers on the boat for the sake of Paul and so can he spare the lives of our family, friends, colleagues, etc., for our sake if only we remain in His will. The word of God indeed came to pass. Even though the ship ran aground and was wrecked, no life was lost, just as God had said. Let us stand on God’s word and His promises and we shall be saved. Once again, Paul became a beneficiary of the favour of the centurion. He prevented the soldiers from killing Paul and the other prisoners.

Notice what Paul did in the midst of the crisis facing everyone in the ship and the result (Acts 27:33-36,38). Also, the number of lives that were saved from perishing in the sea because of Paul’s faithfulness to God (Acts 27:37). Do you also encourage others and turn their heart to God in the midst of crisis? Let us learn to encourage others as Paul did. Do you stand on God’s word and believe His promises?



  1. Lord, I refuse to loss the property you have given to me to accident or storm in Jesus

  2. name.

  3. Father, when the going gets tough, help me to stand firm, in Jesus name.

  4. Lord, let Your very presence bring blessing, courage, and safety wherever you send me, however treacherous it may be, in Jesus name.

  5. That Churches will have passion for the unsaved and so be all out for the work of evangelism. Effort will be rewarded with people repenting and getting saved, in Jesus name.

  6. God use our leaders as encourager and an instrument of your blessing to those in crisis, in Jesus name.

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