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Today’s Reading:

Psalm 119:17-32; Amos 8:13:9-4; I John 2:1-6


No river forgets its sources and still remain flowing. Anyone who identifies his or her source (God) and relates with it will not fall into the hands of enemies. The only reason someone can perpetually suffer the torture from enemy is when such a person denies the lordship of God. The lordship of Jesus Christ can only be enjoyed when His precepts are obeyed and followed. Anyone who turns his back to God’s word will definitely grow in sin: anyone who grows in sin will experience the wrath of God and if he does not repent, he ends up in destruction.

Knowing God and doing God’s Will always calls God’s attention to His people. No matter the challenges a child of God faces as long as he remains as God’s child, God will stand to rescue him – as long as he values God’s precepts, he will continue to enjoy the benefits therein. Anytime he prays to God, God answers – there is no prayer a child of God prays that God will not respond or give answer to – even, silence of God to the prayer of his children is an answer to that prayer. Just keep your relationship with Him to know Him better.




  1. My God, let me know when you are speaking to me and around me, in Jesus name.

  2. My God, let your word grow in my heart and produce good fruits, in Jesus name.

  3. God, guide my steps away from Your wrath and destruction, in Jesus name.

  4. Our God, deliver this nation from pending doom that the devil plans, in Jesus’ name.

  5. God, visit our land once again with Your Salvation and put an end to the work of darkness, in Jesus name.

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