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Today’s Readings:

Romans 10:9-18

Psalm 19:2-5

Luke 21:12-19


I was born in a place where personal testimony is stronger than advertisement. If someone wanted to know how effective a product or service is, they asked someone who has used it before. That person’s testimony is all the conviction they need. You are either leading people to God or away from him. This act of influencing people is rewarding only if you do so consciously. Only by hearing and believing God’s word as the truth by which you live can you convince others to do likewise. Saint Andrew was prepared by John the Baptist and selected by Jesus. This shaped his life as an apostle and made him a fearless witness for Christ.

Romans 10:10 – “By believing from the heart, you are made righteous; by confessing with your lips, you are saved.” Believing is one-half of the experience of living in Christ. You have to show proof of your faith by your lifestyle. Only then is the experience complete.

How do you hear God’s Word?

  • Begin each day by reading a selected portion of Scripture.

  • Meditate on God’s word which you have read for 5 minutes daily.

  • Listen to what God is saying to you from what you read.

  • Find ways to apply what you have understood in your life today.

  • Allow the Word that you have heard to guide your choices and actions.

  • Surround yourself with Godly people.

  • Learn to recognize God’s voice in the words and actions of people you encounter today.

  • Discern God’s approval or disapproval when situations present it.

How do you show others what you believe?

  • Respect for those who are weak and defenseless.

  • “Holy fear" in your relationship with God.

  • Faithfulness and respect for your spouse.

  • Loving concern and purity in your relationship with your friends.

  • Respect for your enemies or those you disapprove of.

  • Diligence to work.

  • Create time for rest.

  • Be slow to speak and quick to listen (this shows self-mastery).

  • Contentment when you have money.

  • Don’t be quick to borrow when you do not have money.

  • "Self-control” when you suffer a loss.

  • Trust God when your prayers are not answered the way you want.

  • Discipline in the amount of time spent and the kind of content you consume on social media.

God expects you to do your part. If you do your part well, you will have done enough.

                                                                                    JUDE-MARY OWOH



  1.  Lord, teach me, like Saint Andrew, to seek You and strive to do Your will today and always, in Jesus' name.

  2. May I recognize your face and your voice in everything and everyone I encounter in the course of my day. Amen.

  3. Lord, empower me by Your Word, strengthen me by Your grace, and make me your powerful vessel which brings glory to Your name. Amen.

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