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Acts 6:1-7

Psalm 33:1-2,4-5,18-19

John 6:16-21


One question I get asked a lot is, “Father, how do I know that it is God that is speaking to me?” One way of answering this question is what a lot of musical artists say when they are asked, “How did you get into music”. They say, “I didn’t choose music. Music chose me.” In the same way too, it is not we who are seeking the Holy Spirit or longing for God’s voice—God is searching for us and speaking to us. By our Baptism and Confirmation, the Holy Spirit found us. We are baptised and confirmed in the name of the Trinity—Father, Son and Holy Spirit. By our faith in Christ, we are filled with the Holy Spirit.

But an interesting situation in the Acts of the Apostle may cause us to wonder. The Apostles approved the election of seven deacons who will help with the daily distribution of food to the widows in the community. A criterion for their selection was that they must be filled with the Holy Spirit as if others were not filled with the Holy Spirit. Truth is that when the Holy Spirit fills a person, there has to be evidence or fruits of this indwelling, in our life and activities, showing that we are conscious of the Spirit’s presence.

Here are some ways to dispose of yourself to walk in line with the Holy Spirit to manifest the desired fruits:

  • Identify your challenges and struggles—what are you struggling with? What are you challenged by? Are you taking active steps to overcome them? If you are, rest assured that God will give you the grace and guide you each day to the solutions you seek in Jesus’ name. Amen.

  • Solve Problems—The road you take to solve your problems will necessarily lead you through the path of helping others solve theirs. What problem are you solving? So, as long as it is something that you are suited for, gifted with, naturally disposed for, lend a helping hand and God will bless you abundantly through Christ our Lord.

  • Follow Process—You become great by beginning small and building on your achievements. As you take on and complete small roles, you will be entrusted with larger responsibilities. May the little things you do today, strengthen you for great tasks and obtain for you God’s special favours through Christ our Lord.

  • Seek Help—No one is an island, and no one is completely immune to problems. So, you want to learn how to hear from God, are you seeking spiritual guidance? Do you ask others about their spiritual experiences? Their honest sharing can provide you with the needed tools to tackle your challenges. I pray that God will put good people in your way who will guide you towards your goals in Jesus’ name.

  • Commit Your Decisions to God in Prayer—Speaking to God is so important that it should begin your day, fill your day and end your day. You do not have control over every factor in your life. Hand over the controls to the only one who is capable. Speak to God and you will be blessed in Jesus’ name.

  • Don’t be Afraid of Making Mistakes—Maybe, you are not called to make perfect choices but you are called to make choices all the same. And when you make mistakes, you must learn from those mistakes. The lessons you learn are the seeds for better future choices. May God grant you grace to be better with every choice you make in Jesus’ name.

  • You Will Not Fail—In your life’s choices, in your relationship with God, and in your desire to overcome sin, you will not fail. In your desire and work to excel in your chosen career and vocation, you will not fail. You only have to follow the above-listed guides and hand over control to Jesus. Jesus came to His disciples walking on a lake, and when they panicked, he said, “It is I. Do not be afraid.” And before they could let him into the boat, they had landed on the shore.



To surrender your life to Christ, say this prayer aloud. “Father, I acknowledge my sin against You, I repent and ask for forgiveness, in the name of Jesus. I surrender to the Lordship of Jesus. By the power of the Holy Spirit, take control of my heart and lead me in Your path of righteousness. Thank You, Lord”.

If you said the prayer, Congratulations! Prayerfully look for a living church and report to the resident reverend priest or pastor.



  1. Speak to me Lord in the depth of my heart. Guide the thoughts of my mind, the desires of my heart and the works of my hands. Let your Holy Spirit guide me always. Amen.

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