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Updated: Jan 2, 2022


Today’s Reading:

Luke 2:19-20

“But Mary treasured up all these things, pondering them in her heart.” (v. 19)


Looking at our key verse, the Message version of the Bible (Msg.) renders it this way: “Mary kept all these things to herself, holding them dear, deep within herself.” One of the most important things a child of God can possess is to have a deeper heart where divine revelation can be kept. Such a heart doesn’t have a loose mouth. Mary wasn’t a loose woman telling people everything the angels and the wise men told her because she has a reservoir for the things of God. When you do not have such a reservoir you will be missing out on divine revelations.

Not all revelations or messages from God are to be shared at any time, some are timely, some are for personal consumption for individuals to be robust spiritually while others are for the church of God, at this juncture, servants of God must be careful not believe that every revelation God released unto them is for the people of God. And when you share before the right time it loses its value and attracts the enemy of our soul. Even the fulfilment of such may be at stake. Some women have exposed their children to danger because they shared what God told them about the child during pregnancy or after delivery. Some people worked ahead of God and wanted to fast track it, but woe betides that man trying to help God. The same was the case of Rebecca (Genesis 25: 21-23). Isaac’s family was divided because of that pre-knowledge. But in the case of Mary, she treasured (held dear, appreciate, adore, esteem, guard jealously, value) the revelation to the extent that the revelation was not kept on the surface of her heart but deeper in the heart. I guess there are different sections or department in Mary’s heart that determines where she will put each issue of her life and none of these sections was lacking behind or suffer attention, but Gods revelation was highly cherished by Mary. Possibly, it is one of the criteria heaven saw in her life that made her be qualified as that woman who will carry the creator of heaven and earth in her womb.

Is your heart is torn where divine revelations cannot be kept, or a fertile land where God’s revelations can germinate? How did you handle the last revelation God gave you? That determines whether you will be given more or not. Until you cultivate a heart that is receptive to God’s revelation, then heaven will keep vital information away from you because God does not want His resources to be wasted. Read and meditate on God’s Word; pray always, which are ways to cultivate a heart that is receptive to God’s Revelation.




1. Every loophole in my heart causing God’s revelation to be licking, let there be a divine blockage, in Jesus name

2. Whatever I have lost due to loose mouth, in your mercy, Lord restore them unto me, in Jesus name.

3. Henceforth, I shall not be blind and deaf to divine revelations, in Jesus name

4. Let my heart be rightly positioned for divine visitation every time, in Jesus name.

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