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Today’s Reading:

1Peter 5:1-5, 12-14


In the heat of life’s struggles, you sometimes wonder if God is aware of your pain. You look around and He seems to be far away, and you feel as if you are alone. But God is speaking to you today that He knows your pains, in fact He is manipulating situations in your favour so that you will be able to go through it.

In our passage today, you will find that suffering is not necessarily from the devil, and even if the Lord allows the devil to test us, it is so that we may be strong. In fact, the passage says it can work four distinct blessings in your life. It says God will make you perfect, establish, strengthen, and settle you.

Everyone wants the joy of Victory, but sometimes we may be required to endure pain for that joy. The Bible says ‘’Jesus, because of the joy set before Him endured the cross and despised the shame (Heb. 12: 2)’’.

Paul tells us to endure hardness as a good soldier of Christ (2 Tim. 2:3). A good solider stands firm to cast his care on God and understands that his reward is coming. Therefore, the Lord understands your situation; He feels your pains and is working behind the scenes on your behalf.




  1. Thank you, Dear Father because you are always at work for my good, in Jesus name.

  2. My life will be an example of discipline and submission to the Lord, in Jesus name

  3. Oh! Lord my God take away every pain in my life, in Jesus name.

  4. Oh! Lord, let every church begin to experience your Divine presence, in Jesus name.

  5. Oh! God, deliver this nation from every oppression from the pit of hell, in Jesus name

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