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Today’s Readings:

Ephesians 1:11-14; Psalm 33:1-5,12-13; Luke 12:1-7


Do you sometimes feel like God has forgotten you?

It is all right to say yes. Most of us have been there. This feeling of abandonment is often triggered by unanswered prayers, prolonged suffering or a feeling of neglect and lack of care. But here is something that you (as a Christian) ought to bear in mind always. Seek knowledge.

That’s it! KNOWLEDGE.

You have a best friend, right? And you know this friend loves you too. You know this friend would do anything humanly possible for you. They are your personal person, your ‘padi’, your ride or die. There is nothing in this world they would not do for you. How do you know this? You just know because they have proven time and again that they have got your back. Maybe they have been there with you at your worst moments (when you were broke, suffered loss, endured a nasty break-up, you were widowed or orphaned). You have come to depend on them and accept the fact that they are your support system.

This is the kind of knowledge you should seek about God.


He has given you His word in the Scriptures (pun intended) . He has given you His life in the death and resurrection of Christ and he holds out His hand in friendship each day in the different experiences you go through. You cannot but perceive God in the things you encounter daily, except you are consciously blind to Him.

So here are my top six things to do when I feel abandoned:

  • DIVINE INTERVENTION – I remember the times God came through for me.

  • GRATITUDE – I thank Him for the things I still have in my life (at least I am still alive).

  • GENEROUS SUPPORTERS – I thank Him for the people who support me with their time and resources (even when my eyes are turned towards those who do not even look my way).

  • RELIEF-GIVER – I see people that I support by my words and material assistance and realise that God takes care of all of us.

  • DIVINE INSTRUMENT – I find myself in occasions where God uses the gifts He has given me to touch people’s lives.

  • DIVINE CONSOLATION – There are times when I am just joyful for no reason. They are not very frequent, but they are well worth it.

All these are the condiments for a sweet recipe of life. Without the moments of abandonment, we take God’s providence and care for granted. Without the loss of loved ones, we take life and opportunities for granted. Without occasional hunger and lack, we become wasteful and ungrateful. Life creates a balance for us so we do not tip over and lose our heads. Be consoled by the fact that tough times do not last. Tough people do. And you have been toughened and strengthened by grace (which you ought to cooperate with). God is mindful of the sparrows (the little things that do not matter in the grand scheme of things). He is even more mindful of you because you are worth much more.

Can you trust Him?

Even more, can He trust you?

QUICK QUESTION – When was the last time you felt disappointed by God?


  1. Lord, I trust in You even when the situations around me cause me to act otherwise. I will always trust in You.

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