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Godly Love, Bond of All Perfection


Today’s Reading:

Col. 3:1-14 (Mk.12:30)

"And you shall Love The Lord Your God With All Your Heart, And With All Your Mind (thought, understanding), And With All Your Strength." (Mk. 12:30 AMPV)


The word 'put to death' implies to reckon as dead. Paul's call to all Christian is not to kill themselves, but to continually put an end to evil desires, tendencies, and lust in us. To put to death our old sinful practices. We are to put on qualities of mercy, compassion, kindness, humility and over all, put on the love of God. This love is only found in those who are in Christ. It binds us together with Christ in an unbreakable union with Him.

We are admonished to frequently carry out check on our spiritual life, by asking the following rooted questions in the great commandment (Mk. 12:30):

i) Do I love God with all my heart because He first loved me? Is my longing for worldly gain stronger than for treasures in Christ (Col.3:1)? Because Christ desires that his peace rules in my heart.

ii) Do I love God with all my soul? Do I listen when He tells me who I am? or Am I moving away from self-centered desires (v.5)? Am I becoming more compassionate, kind, humble, gently and patient (v 12)?

iii) Do I love God with all my mind? Do I focus more on my relationship with Christ or do I allow my mind to wander anyhow (v.v 2)? Do my thoughts lead to problem or are they solutions to unity or division? Forgiveness or revenge (v.14)?

iv) Do I love God with my strength? Do I present myself weak before God so that He can show his strength mighty on my behalf (v. 17)? Do I rely on his grace to be strong in the Holy Spirit?

To be spiritually fit, we daily need to feed on the word of God, night and day (Jos.1:8-9). And as we allow 'the message of Christ to dwell richly in us, with all wisdom' (v.16), He will equip us to build each other up, and we become spiritually fit, and be useful to him to build up his kingdom.

Olufunmilayo Titilola Adekusibe


  1. Father, I need your love in my effort to initiate changes in others, if not, I do not love you with all my heart, soul, mind and strength. Lord, exchange my strength with yours, in Jesus name.

  2. The Lord is my portion and I hope in Him, I will not be consumed because of His mercies and compassion on me, in Jesus name.

  3. Father, fan your fire of revival upon me, my family and environment, in Jesus name.

  4. Father, uproot everything you have not planted in your church and revive your Pentecostal power and fire in Jesus name.

  5. Father, thank you for sustaining the nation with your mighty presence, bulldoze and destroy strongholds of wickedness and revive your work. Let there be love, peace, harmony of purpose and progress in Jesus name. Amen.

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