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Today’s Reading:

Psalm 1:1-6; 1 Cor. 15:33


The Book of Psalms unveils some very important principles of prospering in life and pleasing God. A man who wants to be blessed must know where to stand, where to walk and where to sit.

This psalm is not comparing the Godly and the Ungodly; it is contrasting them. The ungodly is so unworthy that he will not stand in the same place with the righteous before God. A man who will be blessed is known by the companies he keeps. No matter how good your upbringing is, the day you get entangled with corrupt relationships your decency will be eroded and you will be cheated of your God-given destiny.

God is overly concerned about who your friend, associates, acquaintances, and business partners are. There are those sent into the world to corrupt Christians and make them lose Heaven. Every evil habit that men pick up is traceable to some relationships (1 Cor. 15:33). Some Christians keep unbelievers as their best friends. They sit with them while they drink beer and watch immoral films with them. Such a Christian is committing Spiritual suicide.

Find Godly friends from among your brethren in the body of Christ. Drop friends who mock Christ and rubbish your faith. Befriend those who will help you grow in faith.




  1. Father, I thank you for another beautiful day that you have made, in Jesus name.

  2. Oh! God, help me to assess all my friends according to the word of God, in Jesus name.

  3. Oh! Lord, send into my life friends who will help me to be closer to you, in Jesus name.

  4. Oh! Lord, let your Church in this end time seek after godliness in all ramifications, in Jesus name.

  5. Dear Lord, let your blessing on this Nation manifest, in Jesus name.

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