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God Our Dwelling Place


Today’s Reading:

Numbers 13:25-14:9 (Ps. 90:1)

"Lord, you have been our dwelling place (refuge) throughout all generations." (Ps. 90:1) NIV


Time does not limit God. We only know of our time now. But God has provided a secured home for his people Israel, including all that calls upon his name, throughout all generations and up till now.

Our God is a sure sanctuary for protection, sustenance and stability. So, we should be at home when we are in his secret place, because it is the best place to be.

The European rock ants are said to continuously use scout ants to monitor their colonies living conditions. They work together to find the right living space, darkness and security needed to give the queen mother and her larvae the best housing available. The house hunting rock ants instinctively follow the ways of their Creator. But why do we, out of fear and lack of faith keep away from following and trusting our loving heavenly Father, God the Creator.

In the days of Moses, the families of Israel were looking for a new home. The house of bondage in Egypt had been brutal. The wilderness of Sinai was not a place they could settle. God has given the Promise Land, Canaan to their ancestors. When it is time for them to go up and take possession of it; they sent out spies to survey the land (Num. 13:17-20). But there arose a problem - the homeland God was leading them to occupy already have giant race living in it and the walls were strongly secured. The spies felt like grasshoppers compared to them (Numbers 13:28, 33). They also reported that the land devours those living in it. Could be that they witnessed several funerals on their way. If this is so, it could be that this is part of God's working to allow them free movement without being detected. Which they interpreted as a sign that the land is not healthy to live in; despite the fact that they saw that those living there seem to be flourishing.

Now with all these reports, should they go back to the house of bondage and the task masters in Egypt? or should they continue as God who promised them is leading them? Who brought them to that stage? Can they take possession by their own power?

Seeing that the report is casting fear in the hearts of the people; Caleb, and Joshua two of the spies encouraged them to go that they would conquer.

What challenge, what problem, what trial are we presently facing that is bigger than God. Let us cast back our minds to where we are coming from. Who has been leading us? who brought us to this point? It may do us good to learn lesson from the lifestyle of the ants. The house-hunting ants instinctively follow the way of their Creator. What is wrong with us who are nearer God. What is stopping us from following and trusting God wholeheartedly. The psalmist says that the Lord has been Israel's dwelling place throughout all generations. So, he is in our lives now and for ever through all our generations.

Olufunmilayo Titilola Adekusibe


  1. Father, thank you for keeping me in your dwelling place, in Jesus.

  2. Every masquerading power appearing in my dreams at the edge of my breakthrough, catch fire, roast and burn to ashes, in Jesus name.

  3. Holy Ghost overshadow my life and destiny by your fire and power, in Jesus name.

  4. Father uproot everything you have not planted in your church and revive your Pentecostal fire and power, in Jesus name.

  5. Father thank you for sustaining Nigeria with your power and fire. Give our leaders fresh hopes, revelation, inspiration and direction to move the nation to her next level. Let there be love, peace and harmony of purpose, in Jesus name. Amen.

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