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Today's Reading:

Psalm 132:1-12

I will not give sleep to my eyes or slumber to my eyelids, until I find an habitation for the mighty God of Jacob. (v. 4 -5)


Passion means a strong feeling or agitation of the mind, an enthusiastic interest in something. Beyond feelings, it is generally observed that when positive actions are added to passion, great achievements are manifested. The Scriptures record several great men and women who had passion for the things of God and who achieved great things for Him. Prominent among these are: Kings David, his son Solomon, Nehemiah, Apostle Paul and so on.

Today’s reading in verse 4-5 - King David is quoted to have said that he would not sleep or slumber, until he had a befitting place for God, whose presence was then represented among the Israelites by the Ark of the Covenant. Prior to this time, the ark rested in the tabernacle, in the Holy of holies, in a Tent. David, who was then the King of Israel was troubled in his mind that the Ark was not in its rightful place. He said in 2Samuel 7:2 that how could he be dwelling in a palace made of cedar wood, while the Ark was in a mere tent behind curtains. As a great passionate lover of God and of things to do with Him, David purposed in his heart to build a Temple where the Ark of God's Covenant would be rightfully placed. With great passion, he said he would not sleep or slumber, until he found a habitation (house) for the Almighty God, whose presence among the Israelites was through the Ark of Covenant. Even though God did not allow David to build a house for him because there was too much blood on his hands, as a warrior, yet because of his passion, David went ahead to make total provision for the house to be built by his son Solomon, who ultimately completed the building of God's house and made a great celebration to the Lord (1Kgs 8:54-66).

Nehemiah, one of the Israelites in exile in Persia was very passionate for the things of God. He desired to go back to Jerusalem to rebuild the burnt down walls and gates of the city of God. God met with his desire and with great passion, in spite of obstacles and oppositions he accomplished the task. (Neh. 1-7). Mordecai and Esther also had passion for the people of God, the Israelites (Esther 2) Also, Apostle Paul, after his conversion, displayed a lot of passion for the work of God. In fact, even as a persecutor of the church initially, he was very passionate and zealous about what he did. He actually thought he was zealous for God. After he met Jesus on his way to Damascus, and consequent conversion, his passion for the spread of the Gospel is evident from his three missionary journeys to different parts of the then world that is, Asia and parts of Europe. Before his death, even while still in prison in Rome and at other times when he wrote letters to the converts all over, he ended up writing three thirds of the New Testament Books.

Aside from the foregoing, other ways by which people showed their passion for things of God included: swearing to the Lord and vowing to accomplish specific things for him: renting their clothes; repentance from sins: show of humility and tender hearts as was the case with King Josiah of Judah (2 Kings 9:22; 11-13).

When man shows passion for His things, God moves in great ways which include hearing when He is called upon and giving the desires of the hearts according to is will; lives are spared from evil by God and He can also swear in truth to a person to give unprecedented gifts, just like He gave David, saying that the fruit of his body would be set upon his throne forever(v. 11).

It is instructive to be aware that God never overlooks our passion for His things or His people, and He greatly rewards us.




  1. Father put Your passion in us for things that You desire us to accomplish for You, in Jesus name.

  2. Father, help our passions and direct them appropriately, in Jesus name.

  3. Father may the rewards of passion for Your things be our portion, in Jesus name.

  4. Father, wake Your Church up with passion for the Gospel, to spread it all over the world and souls to be won in large numbers daily, in Jesus name.

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