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Today’s Reading:

Psalm 77

Our LORD, I will remember the things you have done, your miracle of long ago.” (v. 11, CEV)


The psalmist in today’s passage was overwhelmed with the issues of life that make it look as though God was not in existence. He was restless and had more questions for the person of God. He lost his sleep and could not see God in the midst of his disappointment. God at that moment was not making sense to him just as it seems to you now because of the situation you are passing through. When we are passing through a tough time, we are often caught unconsciously questioning God’s sovereignty. Sometimes, we want to give up. It is certain that we will all go through this phase of life. It is even possible that you are in your darkest moment of life or you just came out of one or about entering into one.

However, it is not about what happens but what your dispositions are. In all, you can choose to trust God or get fixated on the troubles. The Psalmist in a clear term showed us how to go through those moments and stay victorious. In verse 11, he said, “Our LORD, I will remember the things you have done, your miracle of long ago.” Remember! Before you think this situation will swallow you up, always remember how the terrible situations of the past were not able to overpower you through the help of God. Just as the Psalmist remembers His miracles of old, you should make it a habit to be grateful to God for the victory of the past. This will fortify your spirit about what He will do now. Our God has a track record of being faithful. David understood this when he was faced with Goliath. He remembered how God has rescued him in the past with the certainty that he will do it now.

Dear friend, God is always faithful! The devil might want to make it look as though things are closing upon you, don’t forget to tell him of the awesome wonders of your God. Tell him of what He did in the past. This will build your faith to weather the storms. He has promised, “I will not leave you neither will I forsake you.” You can trust His word.




  1. Father, thank you for past victories and thank you for today’s challenges, in Jesus name.

  2. I confess your faithfulness over this issue, and I am grateful because you have solved it all, in Jesus name.

  3. I declare your peace over every issue bothering the Church of God, in Jesus name.

  4. The Church is matching in your strength no matter how dark the moment is, in Jesus name.

  5. God is revealed in the affairs of nations, in Jesus’ name.


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