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Today’s Reading:

Exodus 4:18-23

“Now the LORD said to Moses in Midian, Go back to Egypt for all the men who sought your life are dead.” ( Exodus 4:19)


In the history of the Israelites from the patriarchal period through slavery to Canaan and in the entire Old Testament even to the New Testament period, one nation that usually has something to do with them is Egypt. Joseph was taken down to Egypt; Jacob also went there with his children. Egypt was the place where Moses was born and raised, if one calls Moses an Egyptian based on the place of birth, it is not a mistake. His name Moses was given by the Pharaoh’s daughter. Moses was acquainted with the lives of Egypt in fact people saw him as a powerful prince. You could imagine the respect he commanded in the whole land of Egypt.

Many may not know that though he dressed, talked and walked like an Egyptian, he was actually Israelite by blood. He ran away from Egypt due to murder the he committed because he wanted to deliver his people by his own strength not knowing that by strength shall no man prevail. After leaving Egypt for about forty years, God appeared to him through the burning bush and told him to go back to Egypt. Imagine the discussion between God and Moses. Moses probably said, “Go back to where?” And God said Egypt. Going back to Egypt wasn’t in the agenda of Moses, he must have been enjoying his stay in Midian, tending the sheep but God had a bigger plan for him. Without going back to Egypt, he cannot fulfill his destiny because he was born for the purpose of delivering his people. I see God addressing the fear of Moses by saying all the men who sought his life were dead. So, the fear of Moses was death. What’s your own fear in carrying out divine mandate?

Though there was a time God told his people never to go down to Egypt for help but for Moses there is divine assignment to be fulfilled and it won’t be in any other place but Egypt. Is God sending you back to where you were raised? Possibly you have vowed never to go back because of your previous experiences but God is saying the only way to fulfil your purpose in life is to go back to Egypt where souls are waiting for you. Where is that Egypt God is calling you to go back to? It may appear difficult and life threatening but the divine voice is giving you just one option “Go back to Egypt”. Stop arguing with your creator. Stand up and go back to Egypt and you will not regret obeying divine instruction as Moses never did.




  1. Father, I thank You for sending Your word to me in a time like this, in Jesus name.

  2. I receive grace to obey You to the letter in all I do in Jesus name.

  3. Spirit of disobedience holding me down from entering into God’s purpose for my life release me by fire, in Jesus name.

  4. May my life not be a waste in Jesus name.

  5. Father unite the body of Christ in love and unity of purpose, in Jesus name.

  6. Our nation Nigeria will be great in Jesus name.

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