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Today’s Reading:

John 6:25-35

“They found Him on the other side of the lake and asked, “Rabbi, when did you get here?”’



Motive is an idea or communication that makes one want to act. No one does anything without a motive. It could either be for personal selfish reason or blessing to others. It is disheartening to see some members of our congregation who serve God for different motives. They tend to turn the place of worship to a business centre, connection centre, job seeking centre, spouse seeking centre, money and food distribution centre and several others. Some of these people go to the extent of defrauding the unsuspecting victims in our congregations. As good as some of the motives may seem, however, they should not be the primary reasons people go to worship. People with such motives act as pretender, display self-righteousness, mere religiosity, and dress like children of God without genuine encounter. They are wolves in sheep’s skin (Matt.7:15); they are like the hypocrites of Jesus’ time. Their hearts are not right with God.

The question posed by the crowd to Jesus in v.25 of our text “Rabbi when did you get here?” ordinarily suggests passion, concern, and love for Jesus. It seems as if they were looking for Him in order to grow more in His likeness. This question appears to have come from a group of people who were spiritually minded. However, Jesus’ response in v.26 “Jesus replied, “I tell you the truth, you want to be with me because I fed you, not because you understood the miraculous signs”’ reveals their wrong motive, because their action negates their confession. They only honour God with their lips but their heart are far from Him (Matt. 15:8). Like some people in our congregation, they are only looking for Jesus for personal benefit and not for their spiritual development. Sometimes, you speak the language of heavenly citizens but so far from the kingdom of God. You must be aware that even when you succeed in deceiving others, pretending to be godly and a true worshipper of God, always remember that the one who sees every motive knows you and sees your heart. Again, you might have deceived several people, but one thing is sure, you cannot deceive God. He knows your thought and none of your motives is hidden from Him and one day it will be exposed before Him.

Like the people in Jesus’ day are you also asking question on what to do to revert the situation “what should we do”? (v.28). There is hope for you if you can come to Jesus with genuine heart, He is the bread of life and the hope of the world v.33. He gives more than the physical bread; He also provides the spiritual bread. Just come to Him with a repentant heart and surrender your life to Him. He will give you a new heart and enable to think right.




  1. Father, empower me with a devoted and committed heart to fully serve you, in Jesus name.

  2. Father, give me a new heart that will be divinely directed to doing your will, in Jesus name.

  3. Father, transform the heart of every believer not to betray you in their thought and action, in Jesus name.

  4. Father, expose every wolf in sheep skin ravaging the peace of your Church, in Jesus name.

  5. Father, give our leaders in Nigeria the right mindset to lead correctly, in Jesus name.

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