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Updated: Jan 2, 2022


Today’s Reading:

Habakkuk 3:2


Beloved, the Bible encourages us to pray for our Land, nation, and the world. The prophet writes “Give Him no rest till He establishes and till He makes Jerusalem a praise in the earth” ( Isaiah 62:6-7). As believers, we must not relent in praying for our nation. The Lord waits for us to pray (Ezekiel 22:30).

When the enemy tempts us to give up prayer, that is when we need to pray more. I personally believe that Nigeria can be transformed, and her economy improve. I believe nations that are closed to the gospel as we pray to the Lord to give us such nations as our inheritance (Psalm 2:8).

Friend, it is time to reecho the prayers of Habakkuk to the Lord and ask Him to show mercy.

(Habakkuk 3:2 CEV) We need Gods mercy because we know that mercy prevails over Judgment.

We need God to show mercy so that the evil one will not continue to rule over the nations of the world. We need God to show mercy and not judge us in the way that we deserve. Pray in faith to the Almighty and All-powerful God.




1. Pray for your community, nation, and the world as the Holy Spirit leads, in Jesus name.

2. Pray that you will always remain in the secret place of the Highest and always be relevant in His service, in Jesus name.

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