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Today’s Readings:

Acts 18:23-28; Psalm 47:2-3,8-10; John 16:23-28



Apollos is introduced to us as an eloquent man, who is well versed in the Scriptures. He displayed great zeal and spoke accurately of things concerning Christ. Like Apollos, we need to keep using our gifts in creative and positive ways to spread the faith and attain our divine purpose and mission. You can speak to someone about Christ today. Share a testimony of something God did for you recently. Make one social media post today that is related to your faith. God will use it to fill you with joy and bring someone closer to Himself.

As good as Apollos was, he needed Priscilla and Aquila. Seeing his potential, they instructed him better and encouraged him. Just like Priscilla and Aquila, we should encourage those we see that are doing well. Your words of affirmation to a friend or colleague or someone you have only met online can spur them to do better. Follow one Catholic account on social media today. Like and comment on contents that promote the Catholic faith. And do not hesitate to post something that is related to your faith. We all need to start paying more attention to issues pertaining to our faith than we do to things that add no spiritual value.

A lot of people share a lot of positive content on social media and very few people like or share their content. They soon turn away in discouragement or worse, begin to post things that are destructive, immoral and negative. We reinforce the values we want to see by encouraging those who do them. Similarly, we discourage others by our indifference or excuses. The good news is in your hands, and it will only go as far as you want it to go. Will God’s message die with you or will you share it?

Do you want to see the world get better? Make the little sacrifices that make this possible. Share good content with zeal and commitment. Never grow tired of doing good.




  1. Lord, give me the zeal and willingness to live a life that pleases you, in Jesus name.

  2. Give me courage to share content that spread the faith and promote what is good, in Jesus name.

  3. May I create reasons for doing what is good and never turn away when it comes to sharing my faith with others, in Jesus name.

  4. Father, empower me to stand strong in You, and in Christ Jesus exercise dominion over all the works of your hand, (Ps. 8) in Jesus name. (Ps 8:6).

  5. Lord Jesus, we lift you up from the earth, draw all people to yourself, in Jesus name. (Jn. 12:32).

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