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Today’s Readings:

2Samuel 16:4-5; Exodus 23:27.


In the above Scripture 2Samuel 16:4-5, we read the account of when Samuel went to Bethlehem to anoint David King over Israel. Verse 4 records that the whole town trembled at the appearance of Samuel so much that they were asking him if he came in peace. It is a sad thing that the level of lukewarm and powerlessness in the body of Christ has reached epidemic levels. The kingdom of darkness is running riot all over the place because the power is not just there in the church.

These days, you hear of pastors being kidnapped, and members of the church will be running around looking for ransom money to rescue him. The kingdom of darkness scoffs and laughs when supposedly children of God raise their voices in prayer. I have heard of a situation where a sister saw a demon in her room and shouted, "I bind you" . The demon looked at her and started laughing. The major cause of powerlessness among believers is sin. Many still carry loads of sin in their lives. Many tell lies and compromise in one way or the other. I challenge you today to look at your life, and ask yourself. Does my voice strike fear in the kingdom of darkness?

Are you still harbouring anger, unforgiveness, lust, pride, and such sins? If you still struggle with such works of the flesh (Galatians 5 vs 19-21), your voice will not be respected in the kingdom of darkness. I challenge you today to rise up and take your place in the realm of the spirit and change your environment.




  1. O Lord I ask for forgiveness for every sin that has prevented me from taking my rightful place in Your kingdom in the name of Jesus

  2. Fire of God burn inside me in the name of Jesus

  3. Every power challenging God in my life, die in the name of Jesus

  4. Every situation challenging God in my life, die in the name of Jesus

  5. O God arise and anoint me afresh with Your oil in the name of Jesus.

  6. O God arise and deliver Nigeria from the grip of eaters of flesh drinker of blood in the name of Jesus

  7. O God arise and arrest the powerlessness in the body of Christ in the name of Jesus

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