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Today’s Reading:

Numbers 11:4b-15

“Who shall give us flesh to eat?” (v. 4b, KJV)


Human wants are numerous and the resources to satisfy them are limited. By the nature we inherited, we always want things even when we don’t need them, and this necessitates us to ask for more without appreciating the previous one. When the Israelites were in Egypt, they cried unto God because of the taskmasters. God heard their cry and delivered them. Their journey through the wilderness was characterized by a lot of challenges. They are such a set of people that forgets what God does in their lives easily. They always complain about one thing or another. If they are not complaining about the food, they will complain about water. It was their way of life.

Are you not acting the same way the Israelites acted? To be an ingrate is to be ungrateful, to be a perpetual complainer, who does not see anything good about life or what God has done for him or her. An ingrate always compares himself with another person, envies other people, ignores what he has and longs for that which belongs to another person. Such a person never sees reasons to appreciate God for what he has done before, what he is doing and for what God will do in the future. An ingrate never appreciates little things people give him; he feels they should have done more than that. He sees his going to bed and waking up as a normal thing that must happen so there is no need to thank God. To be ungrateful is like when a thief carted away one’s property. So, in the real sense of it, an ingrate is a robber. An ingrate borrows and doesn’t return.

If you are an ingrate, you need to repent before it is too late.




  1. Oh Lord, open my eyes to every bit of ungratefulness in my life, in Jesus name.

  2. Deliver me from every spirit of ungratefulness, in Jesus name.

  3. I receive spirit of gratefulness as from today, in Jesus name.

  4. Every rage of darkness against the Church of God, we bind you, scatter! in Jesus name.

  5. We bind and destroy the activities of eaters of flesh and drinkers of blood in our nation, die! in Jesus name.

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