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Today’s Reading:

Genesis 12:1-3

“Now the Lord had said unto Abram, Get thee out of thy country and from thy kindred and from thy father's house, unto a land that I will shew thee.” (Genesis 12:1)


God gives instructions to His children per time and these instructions are directly proportional to our purpose in life. Though some of these instructions may be easy to obey while others may seem difficult especially by human standard. The instruction God gave Abram was specific and not cumbersome. 'Leave your country, leave your family, leave your father's house, go to a land . Though the instruction was clear, but l see it as difficult. Three issues are germane here, country, family and father's house.

I see God wanting to strip Abram of his nativity, lineage and hone. It's like saying leave the comfort, solace of your country, family and father's house. Leaving those three things are like leaving known for unknown, leaving your comfort zone for an unknown zone. Possibly Abram would be the next head of the family and have access to double portion of his father's property being the first born but God said he should leave all. If Abram tells his friends, they might tell he should be wary of such instruction, as it may be coming from the devil. Which God is so wicked that will tell you to leave all you have known and get acquainted with 'a land', a land that's unknown? That decision to leave all is crazy in the sight of some people. But if one is leaving all these, it must be for something tangible. But in the case of Abram, he was leaving for 'a land' , not some lands or another estate or country but just ordinary land. This is a matter.

Can you picture yourself in this scenario? How would you have handled the situation? God added promise to it in verses two and three. Though those promises are attractive dividends but how sure can one be that such things will materialize. What if God fails? Several what 'ifs' will flow through our minds. In the case of Abram, he had not seen someone who did that before. He would have gone for counselling and guidance. That's the advantages some of us have now. Against all odds, Abram departed as the LORD had spoken to him. That's a great faith.

Friends, what are the things God told you to leave? Are you afraid that God might waste your destiny? He has not done that before and he will never do such things. Peter asked Jesus the question you are likely to be asking as you read this devotional, l have left all or you are about to leave all and Jesus told him that the rewards are both here and hereafter Luke 18:28-30. Sing this song with me: I surrender all, unto thee my blessed Saviour, l surrender all




  1. Oh Lord, I surrender all in Jesus name

  2. Whatever is struggling with the will of God in my life, give way, in Jesus name

  3. I receive the courage to move in God's direction, in Jesus name

  4. I shall not look back, in Jesus name

  5. I receive the courage needed at every junction of my life to embark on divine journey, in Jesus name.

  6. Father visit every Christian marriage that is at the verge of breaking with Your mercy and Your healing, in Jesus name.

  7. Father take control in the lives of our teenagers and young adults and teach them by yourself, in Jesus name.

  8. Father send conscious labourers into Your vineyard, in Jesus name.

  9. Father heal our land and Your people, in Jesus name.

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