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Today's Reading:

Psalm 2:1

"Why do the heathen rage ,and the people imagine a vain thing?” (Psalm 2: 1)


The big questions here is, who are the heathen and why do they rage? .The heathen is an antagonist, uncultured, uncivilised, pagan, haters of good things in the lives of the children of God, who will always expect the worst to happen to the children of God. They rage, steer storms against other people's endeavours in life. They rage against peaceful marriage, health, academic success, fruitfulness, joy and happiness of others and more in order to stop them from fulfilling their divine mandates. But the good news is that there is a father, our God who is seated in the heavens to laugh them in derision, speak against them on our behalf in His wrath, vexed them in His sore displeasure and make us to triumph over them gloriously. Then our part should not be left undone.

We need to ask for God's wisdom in their midst, follow the instructions of God, serve the Lord with fear in discharging our duties to fellow men with justice and integrity, follow the will of God at all times and not our own will, pray, study our Bible and put our trust in Him as our all in all. By so doing, we can overcome the rage and the evil effects of the heathen.




  1. O Lord, I give You praise for delivering my soul from death and my feet from stumbling, in Jesus name.

  2. Every rage of the enemy against my life scatter in the name of Jesus.

  3. Dark powers sponsoring rage against my life, die in the name of Jesus.

  4. Power to overcome the heathen, locate me by fire in the name of Jesus.

  5. Oh God arise and let the heathen experience your saving grace in the name of Jesus.

  6. My father speak solutions to my problems in the name of Jesus.

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