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Today’s Reading:

Psalm 86

“I am Praying to you in my time of trouble. I know you will answer me" (v. 7)


Most times we see friends, neighbours and even unbelievers experience pleasant things, and we raise our hands to the heavens crying “WHY DON’T GOD ANSWER US INSTANTLY?” We all usually wish when we pray, we hear an instant voice from heaven. But have we ever asked these basic questions?

  1. What is my relationship with God?

  2. Is God my friend?

  3. I Can God call me his own?

In this world, it is not possible to be a friend of God and not be in trouble with the world. Friendship with the world is enmity with God. Friendship with God means that you will be constantly and regularly at odds with the world. This scripture provides us with confidence that with God we are capable of overcoming every obstacle.

The psalmist is poor and needy and asks God to bow down to hear. He prays that God would deliver him with his innocence and trust in view. The soul is lifted up to God so that God might pour joy into it. God is good and ready to forgive, and full of mercy to those who call upon Him. When we are in trouble, we should call upon God and have confidence that he will surely answer.As much as God answers when we call upon him, he desires a close fellowship with him.

If it is only when you need something from God that you call upon him then there is no relationship. He desires to draw us closer even during our times of challenges. Babies are known for asking for something and when they are not given the next thing is crying but adult must not behave that way. God want us to be adult Christian who will be able to stand through the test of time. We need to grow to a level that we will say even if he slays me yet I will serve him just like Job said. When we get to this level, no challenge of life will scare us.




  1. God give us the grace to have confidence and trust you, in Jesus name.

  2. I receive the grace to always consider you as my first resort in times of trouble, in Jesus name.

  3. Oh Lord, listen to my cry for mercy, in Jesus name.

  4. We challenge and pull down the forces of disobedience in the body of Christ, in Jesus name.

  5. Father, uproot with your fire, every evil establishment and satanic tree that would not glorified your name from our nation, in Jesus name.

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