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Today’s Reading:

Daniel 6 vs 1-28


The above Scripture is the story of how Daniel was thrown into the lion’s den, what circumstances led to it, and what lessons God is teaching us from the incident. In the land of captivity (Medo z had been promoted by the king to the position of what you might call Vice President. There were 3 of them overseeing other princes who in turn were rulers in the provinces.

Daniel's position, being a Jew, elicited envy among the leaders and they sought for a way to bring him down. They could not find any because Daniel had an excellent spirit. They now hatched a plan to make him compromise on his worship of Jehovah. He knew about the plan, and yet refused to compromise, even at the risk of losing his position, and possible death. When he was thrown into the lions den, the lions refused to devour him. In these troubling times, and in a world of corruption and all manner of evil, will you dare to be a Daniel and refuse to compromise. Daniel had a habit of praying 3 times a day facing Jerusalem. He had the option of obeying the evil decree to save his life and position, but he refused.

The question for you today is, will you look sin in the face and say no! Will you say no:

• To fornication/adultery

• To nepotism

• To hatred

• To pride

Hebrews 12 vs 4 says: "ye have not resisted unto blood striving against sin." For you to be a Daniel, you must resist sin even if it will cost you your blood. Do you easily tell lies as a way of taking the easy way out. By compromising, you may obtain a temporary pleasure but may end up in eternal damnation. Ecclesiastes 10:8 says that ‘whosoever breaks a hedge, the serpent will bite.’ Many Christians are experiencing attacks from the dark world as a result of breaking the hedge of protection provided by the blood of Jesus. If Daniel had compromised, the lions would have devoured him.

Today, I urge you to dare to be a Daniel. Resist that Potiphar’s wife, that Delilah, that bribe and so on, and God will lift you to heights you never imagined. The starting point to being a Daniel is to surrender your life to the Lord Jesus Christ. You must be born again. You must make a conscious and deliberate effort to live holy.



To surrender your life to Christ, say this prayer aloud: Father, thank you for Jesus Christ. Forgive my sins, take control of my heart and lead me in your righteous path by the power of Your Holy Spirit. Thank You Lord.

If you said the prayer, Congratulations! Prayerfully look for a living church and report to the resident reverend, pastor or priest.



  1. Repent of your sins and surrender to Jesus

  2. I reject the voice of fear in my life in the name of Jesus

  3. Power to resist sin fall upon my life in the name of Jesus

  4. O Lord break me and remould me into what you want me to be in the name of Jesus

  5. O God rebuild Your church and cause revival to come in the name of Jesus

  6. O Lord heal our nation in the name of Jesus.

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