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Today’s Reading:

II Timothy 3:1-9

“But mark this: There will be terrible (dangerous) times in the last days.” ( II Timothy 3:1)


It is dangerously dangerous not to be aware of danger. What a disaster and danger that awaits an individual who sits on the keg of gunpowder unknowingly or someone who wants to drink acid thinking it is water! Christians are living in dangerous times and it will be a colossal loss if we are not aware and prepared fully to scale through. A child of God who is living carelessly now is a disaster waiting somewhere to happen.

In the passage above, Apostle Paul wrote to Timothy about the characteristics of the end-time and it is no more news that this period we are in all over the world is indeed perilous times. He made a long list of why this period is dangerous and hard to bear. Love of self (I, me and myself syndrome), people go into money rituals and killings, boasters are on the increase, people speak lies and never see anything wrong in it, disobedience to parents which is common among the teenagers and youths. People being ingrates are also on the increase. It is a period people love pleasure more than God. This could be seen in a Christian who prefers to chat, watch movies and attend parties to praying and studying God’s word. Religious hypocrites who claim some allegiance to God, yet they live blasphemous lives contrary to all that Jesus was and taught.

As a Christian, measure your journey with the master with the entire characteristic mentioned in the passage and allow Christ to x-ray your life. Then cry to Him for help if you are guilty of any before it is too late.




  1. Spirit of end-time working in me, I cast you out by fire, in Jesus’ name.

  2. Power of end time holding my life captive, lose your grip over my life, in Jesus’ name

  3. Father, ignite the fire of holiness in my heart, in Jesus’ name.

  4. I receive grace to walk worthy of my calling, in Jesus’ name.

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