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Today’s Reading:

Luke 2: 40 – 52

“ …the child Jesus tarried behind in Jerusalem and Joseph and his mother knew not of it. But the, supposing him to have been in the company…” ( Luke 2: 43-44)


Jesus’ parent are religious, they went to Jerusalem every year as commanded by the Lord. But this particular year when Jesus was twelve, they went with him and in the process of returning home, Jesus tarried behind in Jerusalem and the parents knew not of it. They assumed that Jesus was among the acquaintances, what a costly assumption! They went a day’s journey without Jesus. Several Christians are on the spiritual journey and they assumed Jesus is with them when actually he hasn’t been in the ship of their life. Is Jesus in that relationship? Are you really sure the ministry you are running is in line with the master’s agenda?

It will be disastrous to assume Jesus is in the boat of your life when in the real sense, he’s not there. Miracles, abundant provisions may not be a true measure that Jesus is with you. A popular minister of the gospel has been ministering for years and one day, he prayed that the Holy Spirit should not leave him, but the Lord responded that he had left him since. He now asked a question from Jesus, what of the miracles in my ministry? Jesus said what he has been seeing are just shadows and not reality. It was just to honour His name. He broke down, repented and called Jesus back, then an outstanding testimony characterized his ministry. Don’t assume the master is with you. Call him now!




  1. Lord, have mercy on me if I have been assuming you are with me when in the real sense you are far from me

  2. Wherever l have lost touch with the master l repent today and ask that you come back now in Jesus name

  3. Cast me not away from your presence and take not your Holy Spirit from me in Jesus name.

  4. Help me to be sensitive to your move in my life in Jesus name.

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