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Today’s Reading:

Proverbs 28:13


Dear friend, I know that you desire prosperity in all areas of your life. In fact, if there is anything we are crying for in a time like this, it is the prosperity of our nation in all ramifications. Since if it is your desire, I pray for you that this desire of your heart shall be granted, in Jesus Name.

However, in the passage of today the Bible links prosperity in life to attitude toward sin. The Bible also says that if a person sin and cover it up, prosperity, peace, well being, and fortune will be far away from that person. This Scripture reveal the power of unconfessed sins. Unconfessed sins have the power to make life difficult for a person. They have the power to wreck a person. And make life miserable for one. It is quite possible that the very reason why life has been very difficult for you as a person, for your family, organization or nation is that you have committed a secret sin, have refused to confess it, and forsake it.

The simple reason is that unconfessed sins give the devil a foothold over one’s life and enslave one to the devil, leading to experience of various forms of hardship. Your ill health and hardship may be consequences of your unconfessed sins. Right now, take a bold step and confess them to God, and you will be free to live as an overcomer from now onward. The Bible says, “they that confess and forsake their sins will obtain mercy”. May God’s mercy locate you right now in Jesus Name. Amen!

Confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed (James 5:16).




  1. Dear Lord, I thank you for opening my eyes to your word, in Jesus name.

  2. O Lord, help me to see every unconfessed sin the devil is using to frustrate my life, in Jesus name.

  3. Confess every known sin of your life to God and promise to forsake them, in Jesus name.

  4. I enter into my prosperity, in Jesus name.

  5. Father, visit Christian homes with your forgiveness and mercies, in Jesus name.

  6. Let Your fire of revival fall upon Your Church, in Jesus name.

  7. Father, visit our nation afresh, and let Your will be done, in Jesus name.

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