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Today’s Reading:

I Timothy 2:1-4


Beloved, Paul was pleading with Timothy, to learn to pray for everyone. He later spelt out. those he must pray for, including kings and other people in authority. He said that the essence of pray for them is that we may live peaceful and quiet lives” in other words that our lives be not troubled. It is obvious today that many people complain about the leadership of both the church and the nation but only few pray for them. God is not pleased with such.

If we want to enjoy peaceful and quiet living in all ramifications, let us begin to pray for those in the executive arm, the legislature arm and the judiciary. One thing is quiet certain at this moment, and it is that, as a nation, we are not enjoying peaceful and quiet living. Paul wrote to people of God in Rome, urging them to imbibe the afflicted of blessing and not to curse those who are persecuting them. If you have been raining curses upon our leaders, please I urge you to instead start making requests, intercession, and thanksgiving for them so that we may live peacefully in this nation – pray for them.




  1. Father, I thank you for all the leaders you have given us in this nation in Jesus name.

  2. O Lord, I pray that you will save the soul of all our leaders in Jesus name.

  3. O Lord use all our leaders to turn all this nation around for good in Jesus name.

  4. O Lord help them to be able to think aright so that they will do what is good for our Peaceful living, in Jesus name.

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