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Today's Reading:

Psalm 50:15

"And call upon me in the day of trouble: I will deliver thee, and thou shall glorify me". (v. 15)


In a story by a Nigerian author, Chino Achebe "Things fall apart", there is a little lad called Ikemefuna who lived with a warrior called Okonkwo. Okonkwo was brought up as one of the booties (slave) from the communal war with his community the previous years.

Another year that they wanted to go for another war, and according to tradition, they needed human blood for sacrifice. It was the lad who had already become part of Okonkwo's family that their oracle chose to be used for sacrifice. They took the lad in company of Okonkwo and other ritualist to kill the boy for ritual. Suddenly, one of the ritualists macheted the boy from behind, the boy cried towards Okonkwo and said "my father they have killed me” thinking that Okonkwo would deliver him. Suddenly, Okonkwo brought out his matchet from the scabbard and killed the boy and said " to show affection is a sign of weakness” But our God who owns us and everything around us, unlike Okonkwo, said in the Bible passage that, we should call upon Him in trouble, He will deliver us, and we shall glorify Him. He did that in the life of Hannah, gave her children to destroy barrenness and in the midst of it gave her a priest (Samuel). Jabesh was more honourable than his brethren, He enlarged his coast and protected him from evil.

Beloved, the examples of God's divine interventions in times of trouble in the Bible and our contemporary world abounds. What we need to do is to call upon Him, live holy and righteous life always to qualify for Him to glorify Himself in our lives.




  1. Satanic trouble shooter against my life shoot yourself in the name of Jesus.

  2. Oh God arise and show me mercy in the name of Jesus. Agenda of the enemy against Christian homes be frustrated in the name of Jesus.

  3. Agenda of the enemy against the body of Christ be frustrated in the name of Jesus.

  4. My Father, my Father, my Father, arise and glorify yourself in my life, in the name of Jesus.

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