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Today’s Reading:

2 Peter 2:1-3


False teachers scoff at the return of Christ and introduced heresy in the church. False teachers or prophets often use the scriptures, but they twist it by bringing teachings from outside to pervert the true meaning of the scriptures. Often, they are upfront about their agenda. They cleverly work in a little error here and another error there, until they have taken people into a complete denial of the Gospel. We should be extremely careful not to fall as a prey. False prophets disguise like an angel of light (2 Corinthians 11:13-15) but they also use subtlety and deception.

Beware of false teachers or prophets because their doctrine is destructive heresies. They are specialist of factions and division within the church of God. We must consciously and deliberately marry the scriptures in order to overcome all their strategies and wicked plans. Most of them practice other religion in the name of Christianity. But in the power of the Holy Spirit we shall detect, expose, and run away from their evil schemes.



  1. Every gospel criminal on assignment to pervert my life with lies and wrong shall not succeed in my life, in Jesus name.

  2. Equipped with the gospel of truth, Father use me as an agent of light to put an end to the works of evil and false prophet in my generation, in Jesus name.

  3. We bind and caste out of the church, every spirit causing deduction, false doctrine, deception, hypocrisy, pride and error, in Jesus name.

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