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1Thessalonian 5: 11-15


The Church of Christ is the body of Baptised believers who have come together for fellowship, worship, edification and witnessing. Every person is a part and their contributions are important to the Church for four purposes.

In our text today, I will bring out four things expected of you as a part of the Church of Christ, from the words of Apostle Paul to the Thessalonian believers.

  1. You are to Comfort and Edify: Every child of God in the church is to be a source of comfort to others and not to condemn as it is our duty to edify one another in this journey of faith. The word of God says ‘’encourage one another and lift each other up’’.

  2. You are to appreciate God’s worker: vs. 12-13. God’s servant among you must be appreciated. You are to honour them as God’s representative. When last did visit your pastor? When last did you give him a gift? Are you a supporter of his ministry or a leader of rebels against him? Always seek to be at peace with him,

  3. You are to be actively involved: vs. 14. You are to be involved in correcting, comforting, supporting the growth of the church. You are also to be patient in dealing with all men, and not be a bench warmer.

  4. You are to forgive vs 15. You are to live a life of forgiveness, not given to retaliation or vengeance. As Christ has forgiven you, so forgive others, be a supporter of good things in the house of God. Allow the Holy Spirit to use you as a tool in building His church.




  1. Oh! Lord, make me a source of comfort and edification to all your children, in Jesus name.

  2. God help me to be more helpful to your servants in my church, in Jesus name

  3. Oh Lord, give me the grace to be actively involved in your service, in Jesus name

  4. Oh! God, let your church in every Nation experience revival, in Jesus name

  5. Oh! God, let our National leaders encounter your salvation, in Jesus name.

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