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Today’s Reading:

Genesis 26:26-33


Every life begins from infant and grows to adulthood. It is not a problem to start little, the problem is either not starting at all or remaining little.

Beloved, if you are afraid to start with little, you are not prepared to grow because anyone who insists on starting from the top rung of the ladder can only come toward the ground for only those who start from the ground go up. Zech. 4:9-10.Don’t be ashamed of your humble background, every little thing has the potential to grow big, you will not remain little. Job 8:7 says, ‘’though thy beginning was small, your latter end shall greatly increase. In our Bible passage; Isaac who was the son of the great father Abraham had to begin with little. Although his father was wealthy, he had to start his own life in a little way. He faced his own challenges and overcame them. He did not give up or give in when the well stoppers were stopping the well, he dug. He faced his challenges and overcame them.

Jesus our perfect example started little. He began this great world-wide movement of the kingdom with twelve untrained, mostly illiterate fishermen. See what these twelve men have grown to become.

Do not be afraid to start with little, whether it is a business or other projects.



  1. 1. Dear Lord, I thank you for sending your word to me, in Jesus name.

  2. Oh! Lord, make me strong in the face of challenges, help me to overcome, in Jesus name.

  3. Oh! Lord, let the little gift in my hand grow and become great to the glory of your name, in Jesus name.

  4. Help us Lord not to despise the day of small beginning, in Jesus name

  5. Oh! Lord, let the fire of revival you are rekindling in your Church for this end time be great, in Jesus name.

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