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Today’s Reading:

John 1:43-51

“Jesus saw Nathanael coming to him, and saith of him, Behold an Israelite indeed, in whom is no guile!” (John 1:47)


A certain man was known to be an hire killer and a drug addict before he met Jesus Christ during an open crusade at Osogbo in Osun State of Nigeria. His major mission at the crusade was to assassinate the guest Pastor at the crusade ground. He was so desperate to carry out his mission because he had been paid huge amount of money by the people who send him. He patiently waited for the crusade to end in order for him not to miss his target and likewise for the sake of perfect and clean job which he intended to do on the guest pastor, he wanted him to finish his ministration before he would attack him on his way back to the car. During the crusade the guest pastor mounted the podium and he preached salvation. This young man who was on evil mission did not not know when he was carried away by the sermon and forgot his main mission to the crusade ground, Holy Spirit ministered salvation to his soul through the ministration of the guest pastor. After the sermon, the pastor make an altar call and this young assassin man wept profusely and confessed all his sin in the presence of the congregation. He repented and gave his life to Chris at that instant, and he was discipled by the same pastor that he was sent to assassinate. He later became a minister of the Gospel.

After Jesus Christ has been confirmed by John the Baptist as the lamb of God which God has sent to the humankind for remission of Sin. Jesus was on His way to Galilee on the following day where he met Philip and called him into discipleship (v. 43). As Philip followed Jesus , he saw Nathanael a man from Cana in Galilee, and he told Nathanael about Jesus of Nazareth of which the Moses and Prophets had spoken about. The name “Nathanael” in Greek mean ( God has given). Nathanael couldn’t believe Philip because he felt Nazareth is not a worthy place where messiah of the whole Israel should be produced (v. 46). When Nathanael saw Jesus, he still don’t believe, Jesus saw Nathanael's little faith about him as he was approaching towards him and He needed to do something to convince Nathanael that He is truly the Messiah, Jesus revealed to Nathanael where he was before he was called by Philip (v. 47). Nathanael was shocked when Jesus told him where he was before he was called by Philip, and this made him to ask an interesting question from Jesus “How do you know me". Jesus’s response to his question was straightforward but spiritual and unique, “Before Philip Called you when you are under the fig tree, I saw you” (v. 49).

Nathanael was truly under the fig tree before Philip called him as it has been mentioned by Jesus Christ, but what he was doing under the fig tree was not mentioned. Like Nathanael, many minister of the Gospel today were somewhere before they received the grace to be called into the Ministry of soul winning. If many minister today would look back and think of where they were before they were called, we would realise that we received us into this calling by grace. There was a strong statement that Jesus Christ made about Nathanael in (John 1:47)” Jesus saw Nathanael coming toward Him, and said of him, “Behold, an Israelite indeed, in whom is no deceit! ”According to Jesus, Before Nathanael was called there was no deceit found in him, but many of us today we were called out of our deceitful and wicked lifestyle, but still, after we have been called, we still continue in it. Assuming the criteria and qualification that Jesus saw in the life of Nathanael that made him to be qualified as a disciples is still the same Criteria and qualifications that Jesus is still considering calling people today, how many of us will be qualified to be a minister of the Gospel. The testimony of Jesus Christ about Nathanael’s life is a challenge to every contemporary ministers of the Gospel and likewise Christian, that if Jesus come today what will He find in us? What will he testify about us in the presence of God? Before Nathanael was called as a disciple , there was no guile that was found him. Many of us today might have lived a very deceitful and wicked life before we were called into the Ministry, but what about now that we’ve received Christ into our lives and we have obtained the privilege to be called into the ministry of Christ, is there no traces of wickedness and sin in us again? Can Jesus be boast to say the same thing he said to Nathanael to us?

Conclusively, as children of God, as disciples of Christ, as ministers of the Gospel, let’s check our lives and when Christ look at us let him find us worthy and blameless of the call and the mandate which he has given to us.


  1. Live a life of Righteousness and faithfulness to Jesus Christ.

  2. Let Christ find you as a worthy steward.

  3. Be conscious that he’s looking at you the same he was looking at Nathanael under the fig tree.

  4. Remember that before you were called, he knew you.

  5. Have it mind that, you will give account of all your life to him one day.




  1. Holy Spirit , help me to live a life of a good steward.

  2. Lord Jesus , Help me to be blameless in your sight.

  3. Father, give me grace to please you with my life.

  4. Holy spirit strengthen my faith to do more for Christ.

  5. Lord, wherever I have failed you, please forgive me and restore me.

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