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Today’s Reading:

1Samuel 17: 1- 26

“For who is this uncircumcised Philistine, that he should defy the armies of the living God”.

(v. 26b, NKJV)


An angry and hungry Wolf was moving around a city killing and eating human and animal, no one or nothing is able stop it actions. This wolf brings so much fear to every creature and no one has the power to conquer it, but one day a courageous man with a giant gorilla decided to take down the angry and hungry wolf. Today lesson focuses on a champion called Goliath who was from Gath in the part of philistine who created fear in the lives of the Israelites, (vv. 8-11). (YOU ARE A SERVANT OF GOD NOT A SERVANT TO MEN).

Four things that terrified the people of Israel:

  1. They allowed Fear (vv. 8, 24).

  2. They see themselves as servant of Man, (v. 8b).

  3. They Focus on promises of king, and forget their God, (vv. 16, 25).

  4. They went out in Saul’s name and not in name of God.

In Relation to this Generation

  1. We entertain Fear; Fear of those in power and authority

  2. We erroneously see humans as superior to our God

  3. We focus too much on things of the world like money, fame, power, position and so on.

  4. We reckon ourselves more important than God.

Ways to Awaken our Spirit

  1. Do not give room for Fear, (v. 26).

  2. Let your Faith speak in Action, (vv. 45 - 46).

  3. Work in and with what you believe (vv. 37 - 40). Let us use David as our role model.

A terrified Christian will always lose focus and become a slave to what he is supposed to be master of. The children of Israel lost their attention on God, and this led them to destruction. God desires to communicate with us in whatever situation, whether good or bad; even when we think there is obstruction in our way, He is ready to listen to us. David speaks indirectly to God and God answer directly.

Let us cultivate the habit of speaking to God even when there is no problem, we do not have to wait until there is a problem, we should never entertain fear. Troubles and challenges will come but as children of God let stay alert, and He will help us through.

Remember, always go to God in prayer, and let your faith speak in action.




  1. Lord makes me a solution to anywhere I step in.

  2. Lord help me to be sensitive to you (people of Israel were not sensitive for good forty days of waging war with the philistine).

  3. Lord shapes me totally and perfectly for your mission.

  4. Lord in my making room father complete your work before am released.

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