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Today’s Reading: Luke 7:36-50

Then Jesus said to her, your sins are forgiven.” (v. 48)


A particular young man who lives in the southwestern part of Nigeria suddenly got rich. People began to wonder how these sudden riches came about. Before long, they discovered that the man went into money rituals, and everybody began to label him and gave him different names. After some years, he became sick, and he was hospitalized. At the point of death, the nurse on duty preached to this man and he gave his life to Christ. After some hours, he passed on. The news quickly spread like wildfire and the conclusion of everyone was that the man went straight to hell.

People in society know how to label one especially if that individual is having a challenge or known with a particular problem. The same goes for the woman in the story above, she was known to be a certified sinner but Jesus’ perspective about people is always different. Even when sinners come unto him, he will make them saints. Several Christians today label people and most of us should not be surprised that some people will make heaven that we tagged sinners because nobody knows when they met the master.

Considering the man who was nailed to the cross with Jesus, he met the Lord and Jesus said today, you will meet me in paradise, what a great mercy he obtained? Are you saved, keep walking out your salvation, are you not saved, come to the master today. Never label anyone as a sinner who cannot repent. May we all make it home in Jesus name.




  1. I will not lose my salvation, in Jesus name

  2. Everyone in my family who is yet to be saved, may the Lord work out their salvation, in Jesus name.

  3. May the Lord have mercy on me over those I have condemned with my attitude or my mouth, in Jesus name.

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