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Today’s Reading:

2 Timothy 1:1-18

“This is why I remind you to fan into flames the spiritual gift God gave you....” v.6


The reason God gives gift to believers is for it to be used to edify the body of Christ. It is rather unfortunate that some believers did not put God’s gift in their lives to proper use. They are like the unprofitable servant. They are so passive without any consideration for the growth of the Church of God. The story of the talents in Matthew 25:14ff shows that when a man fails to put his gifts to use, the Master can withdraw it and give it to other profitable servant. Today, our churches are filled with many passive members and few active ones; no wonder the church of God is limited in Growth. What is your contribution to the growth of your church?

The challenge to you according to v.6 above is to fan to flame the gift of God in your life. It requires great effort and God’s grace to discover your gifts and put the gifts to use. You can discover your gifts in your daily walk with God through daily study of the Word, prayers, discipleship, and counsel from matured Christians. The Lord of the Church is counting on you for the growth of His Church as you put your gifts to use. Remember that those gifts of God are not just for decoration, the Lord wants you to use them to bless His Church. Where you worship currently, what efforts are contributing to the growth of the Church? Are you adding values or just a complainant who only watch people serve God? God is waiting for your fruit. You may need to ask God to forgive you of all your fruitless service to Him.

There is a particular gift in your life waiting for expression. Surrender yourself to God today and He will re-energise you to use your gift to bless His Church and glorify His name. Remember, you are a steward, that gift is not your own and one day you will be required to account for the way you use the gifts or otherwise. How active are you with the gift of God in your life? When the Master shall return, will you receive a well-done servant, or go away from me thou slothful servant? The decision is yours!



  1. Father, raise men like Joseph in Nigeria who will be passionate in using their gifts to bless the nation.

  2. Father, raise men and women who will be committed to using their gifts for the growth of the Church.

  3. Father, forgive me in every area I have failed to use my gifts for your glory.

  4. Father, give your children the consciousness to understand your demand from them.

  5. Father, help me to always live my life as a steward that will one day give account to you.

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