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Today’s Reading:

I Kings 1:1-13

"And his father had not rebuked him at any time in saying, “Why have you done so?”

(I Kings 1:6b)


One of the things that is worse in the family is to raise a spoilt child. When a child is spoilt, such a child is rotten, undisciplined, damaged beyond repair, deformed in the area of character and a disgrace to the family and the entire society. A child cannot just be spoilt without being traced to the parent. Invariably one can say that failed parenting gives birth to spoilt children. In our present society, a lot of them are on the street causing damage to the peace of the nation.

Adonijah was the fourth son of King David. His mother was Haggith as recorded in the book of 2 Samuel 3:4. During the terminal illness of King David, the scriptures said in verse 5 of first Kings,’ and then Adonijah the son of Haggith exalted himself, saying, I will be king.’ When the scripture mentions an individual with the name of the mother, it is obvious that the mother knows about the behaviour of that child, the mother taught him. Adonijah exalted himself and prepared for himself chariots and horsemen and fifty men to run before him just as the custom in those days. He forgot that pride goes before destruction. And there is nothing a man receives except it is given from above. An exaltation that is not from above will land a man in disgrace and shame. What a spoilt brat! Another issue strikes my mind in verse 6, and his father had not rebuked him at any time…. When a child is left to himself, he will become a disgrace to himself, family and the society at large. Both the father and the mother failed woefully in raising him. It would have been disastrous if he emerged as the king. Woe betides a nation if your king is a child, let alone a spoilt child.

This generation is becoming a cancer in the fabrics of the nation and one of the ways this can be remedied is through thorough and godly parenting. The church, home, school and society need to rise up to save our children through discipline and proper education so that their future can be fruitful and colorful. If you a parent, from scale 1 to 10, one being the lowest, what level can you place yourself? Be sincere and repent before it is too late.





  1. In any capacity I find myself to parent any child, may I not disappoint God in Jesus name.

  2. In any area I have failed as a parent, Oh Lord, have mercy on me in Jesus’ name.

  3. Arise Oh Lord and save this generation from rottenness caused by bad parenting in Jesus’ name.

  4. For as many who have missed it based on bad parenting let your mercy locate them in Jesus’ name.

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